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As attempt to reduce rezzing times and server loads Linden Lab., owner of Second Life, introduce in these days a new feature that calls "Jelly Dolls". Currently this feature is supported by the Linden Viewer and the most recent version of Firestorm (4.7.9). Other viewers will probably implement it soon as well.

So what are Jelly Dolls?
In short from now on avatars have a complexity value depending on skin, clothes and attachments they wear. For example a little piece of jewelry can raise your avatars complexity to an incredible high number. While a long coat at the same time may only add a little bit.

However, in your viewer you can set a maximum complextity. This maximum is not for your avatar. If you set this number for example to 100,000, all OTHER avatars you meet which have a higher complexity than 100,000 will be not rezzed as usual, but shown to you as flat colored silhouette. See example below. The avatar has about 113,000, but the maxium is set to 100,000. Therefore the avatar is rezzed as a so called Jelly doll.

Your avatar will be always rezzed normal for you no matter how high it's complexity is. But as I said only for you. If your avatar exceeds the maximum that other people configured in their viewer, you will be shown as Jelly Doll to them even when you see yourself normally rezzed.

At this time you are not obliged to set a complexity maximum. You can set it to "no lmits" and then ignore it.
Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised, if Linden sets after a testing phase a certain complexity limit by default.
Apart from that, if you now suffer from lag, I bet smart people will most likely advice you to lower your avatar complexity maximum without to take any other reason in consideration. As for me I never had issues with avatar rezzing on my average machine. And from what I read in the groups many other people neither had. But the point is not far away where Second Life and Firestorm with all their new features and updates demand the entire resources of my pc.

Jelly Doll example

Where can I check my current avatar complexity? (It shows the number over your head.)
Linden viewer: Activate Advanced Menu > Perfomance Tools > Show avatar complexity information
Firestorm (4.7.9): Avatar > Avatar health > Show Avatar complexity information

Where can I set the avatar complexity maximum? (All avatars which you meet and which have a higher complexity than the maximum that you configured are rezzed as Jelly Dolls.)

Firestorm (4.7.9)
Look for row Maximum complexity in the right column. Choose a number or "no limit". If you choose "no limit" all avatars will be rezzed for you as usual.

Firestorm, set complexity maxium

Latest Linden Viewer - look for row maximum complexity in the left column, configure the value you want or "no limit".

Linden viewer, set maxium complexity

For more and detailed informations about Jelly Dolls click here.
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To everyone who joins  new offers Second Life a collection of premade starter avatars to choose from. These avatars are build in the classic way with templates.

Well, using a starter avatar is like you had a plate on your car in real life telling everyone "I'm a very Beginner". A good reason to get rid of the starter avatar as soon as possible. But how? Read more here.

Anyway, this article talks about mesh bodies. You think, WTH are meshbodies? Let's first ask, what is mesh.

In short it's a certain method to construct items like clothes, furniture or other objects which can be used in Second Life. Also avatars and skins . Please read details about mesh here. Or if you don't plan to create mesh items in SL, just ignore it.

However, we will not write about mesh avatars, but about classic avatars with mesh bodies. What is the destinction between the two?

A mesh avatar is completely made of mesh from head to feet. By contrast one can imagine a mesh body as a kind of full body outfit or a second skin. In other words you wear the meshbody over your classic avatars body. The head will not be covered by it. So the result is a mix of mesh body and regular head. See the picture below how to use a mesh body.

How to use mesh bodies
It is easy to notice that the mesh body is much smoother and more detailed. Just check the hands and feets. And if anyone wants to know, a mesh body looks in sex actions much better than a classic one. lol You know that problem with stretchmarks in sitting and laying poses. With a mesh body you can forget them.

Well, apart from that who needs a mesh body? I think it's useful, if your avatar has a perfect styled head, but you are not happy with the body. Oh, to mentioned it you can use mesh bodies with your own shapes and also modify the shapes. As well the head. You can change the head the same way as you can with the classic avatar.

Head and body aren't matching? Mesh bodies come normally with a more or less comfortable HUD to fit this problem.

EVE, mesh body HUD

The downside it that there isn't a mesh body standard in Second Life. On the market you can find numerous systems. EVE, Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, TMP to name some etasblished ones. Each of these systems might be different in some aspects. However, I think they all offer demos.

A word about clothes which work with mesh bodies. Well, bad news: the old style layer clothes not. The reason is they get attached to your classic avatars surface under the alpha texture. So they are hidden. Though meanwhile more and more layer clothes are available with a so called appliers.This tool places the particular garment on the mesh body surface. Unfortunately each mesh body system uses it's own applier. Appliers don't work with layer clothes from your inventory.

What about mesh? Yes, normally mesh clothes work. I say normally because some merchants offer mesh bodies which work only with their own outfit creations. However, I use EVE for my test avatars. It works with all mesh clothes from the market.

A tip. Forget the alpha textures in the box. Take on the clothes and use the mesh body HUD options to blend body parts out which are looking through. Also here, try a Demo first, if possible. The HUDs aren't all the same.
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