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  • Wiki
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  • Surfing Paris_3
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  • Escaping Eden
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  • Bobby
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  • Sexy Susan
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  • Casaundra
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  • Girl with axe
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Photos and collages with Second Life friends and residents as photo models.

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This is Andrea. She is an avatar that I built in the virtual world Second Life. If you think, she looks beautiful, I would agree. lol
Some may ask why I build avatars at all to photograph them when I have so many models to choose from.
Well, actually the circle of friends which model for me is getting smaller nowadays.
One reason  is that after more than four years we reached a level of photography where each shooting costs much time and work. Not all ladies want to invest so much. They rather say no thank you even when they are basically interested in modeling. After all it's an unpaid job and the only reward are free pictures and the volatile glory to be seen by thousands of visitors. 

In the past it was always a coming and going in Second Life. Today the situation is different. Second Life is changing. The owner company, Linden Lab, is currently developing two new virtual worlds. People are talking about that Second Life residents can move with their accounts to the new ones. Maybe true, maybe not. The community is brimming with rumors. Nobody really knows what will happen.
Well, its ok and I can deal with that. A big thanks to everyone who modeled for me in the past. And of course also to all friends who still help me with their beauty, time and talent to make my fantasies come to life. 

Andrea avatar, summer dress
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Elva, who owns the Elva's Topless Lounge club in Second Life modeled this theme. I think it fits with her. She is a fast, active and self-confident lady. Thanks for posing, Elva. Hugs.

Elva, Race Girl
Category: Blog
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Nakisa is a very fan of imaginative oriental outfits. She modeled already in some. Here is new one and she looks as beautiful as she does in the ones before. Thanks a lot for posing, Nakisa. :)

Nakisa, Oriental Queen
Category: Blog
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Liza found time to model for me. I loaded up 2 new. The photo below calls "Daydreaming". We are also experimenting with monsters. But at the moment we aren't 100 % happy with the results. We need better monsters. lol  Many thanks to Liza for modeling.

Liza, daydreaming
Category: Blog
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Two more collages with Sarah as model. This time as toy of a pervert old guy who we know already from former pictures. lol Hugs to Sarah for posing this.

Sarah, Sugar Daddy
Category: Blog
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Many thanks to Tatjana who modeled the first time for me. She plans to write a criminal story in real life. That's why I choosed this theme. At the moment you find Tatjanas pictures under allstar models. Hope we can do more pictures in future.

Category: Blog
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From sexy to cute - Second Life avatar pictures and photo models. Title photo: Doc Carling and friends.

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Susan recently told me that she wants to pose for some nudes. Who am I that I would have refused her wish. lol See example...
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I met this pretty and charming lady in Second Life. She said it's her first attempt to model. Not so bad for a first try....
26/04/2017, 05:49
Verified your e-mail address already?Recently Linden Lab introduced e-mail verification. In future when you sign up to...
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I met Goldie a few days ago in the virtual world Second Life. Well, I was impressed by her unique looking avatar and asked...
24/04/2017, 20:18
It's always a pleasure to work with Susan. She really invests much work and money in her avatars. This time we focussed...
17/04/2017, 05:07
Elizabeth models for me now and then since I started with SL photography. Good old times. I miss them. She wasn't...
16/04/2017, 03:50
This is a picture I made a long time ago with Taimi. I think she isn't around in SL anymore. But you never know. Often...
13/04/2017, 00:10
A time ago I moved all model albums under one button in the main menu. Meanwhile I think they are too hidden there. You...
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I said to Pearl, let's do some lolita pictures. She answered: "Ok, just a second. I dress something."  Below the look...
03/04/2017, 23:03
Ah, Pixel Tales was offline for about a day. Well, my webhost informed me that the database servers crashed...
31/03/2017, 12:51
First off what's Bento? Simply said Bento allows to build improved body parts for mesh avatars. It's like adding additional...
23/03/2017, 20:37
As I reported several times I own a studio place in Second Life that's open to the public. Well, because I have many...
18/03/2017, 21:40
This one I made years ago with Loni, Sunday and Sarah. Loni and Sunday aren't around in Second Life anymore. Sarah yes....
13/03/2017, 00:19
"Bad news for SS Major Strasser. Cybergirl kidnapped the Pharaos tomb from his desert camp and escaped with it on a...

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The Lost Island

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The Lost Island is an erotic comic adventure created by Cybergirl Xstar in Second Life. The search for her twin sister Kris leads Lara Kraft to an unknown island somewhere in the carribbean that's populated with strange and sex hungry creatures. Watch Lara dealing with the creatures and find out, if she finds her sister.

Thank you and a big hug to Cyb for giving us the permission to publish the story. :)  
The comic comes in 2 slideshow with total more than 650 pictures. Please give it a little bit time to load. Enjoy. :)

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